As a teacher, I'm most interested in engaging students beyond the traditional dance class format. Utilizing improvisatory movement games and task-based exercises, my classes activate child-like glee and joy as students ignite their individual untouched ingenuity and creative impulses. I have taught and co-facilitated movement creation/improvisation and hip hop workshops for kids and adults ranging from ages 5-40, co-conducted month-long contemporary dance intensives for recent BFA graduates in New York, and instructed private lessons in freestyle/improvisation, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and tap throughout California. With warmth, decades of insight, and a well-rounded, diverse movement style vocabulary to pull from, my classes will guide you to find your own unique entryway into a fulfilling lifetime of dance.

Movement Creation Workshop Sample


  • Provide a safe, trusting environment for students to express themselves in with an uninhibited, brave manner
  • Reinforce dance and movement as a form of nonverbal communication
  • Engage students (who may not have had the opportunity to explore dance) in a collection of dance-based movement activities that facilitate their accessing of a variety of emotions- most intrinsically, joy and the inherent joy in expressive movement
  • Instruct students in exciting, unorthodox ways of understanding dance and their bodies as anatomical structures
  • Allow students to exercise their creative impulses through task-based improvisation games and structured movement explorations
  • Reinforce dance as a means of creating community amongst strangers and as a vehicle of generating positive social interactions through interpersonal movement exploration
  • Give students movement tools and constructs to recall and engage in when removed from the workshop setting
  • Illustrate to students their accomplishments from the day and expansive capacity/potential as imaginative creative forces

Specific Curricula Available Upon Request